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“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” – Jane Goodall

I got into my vehicle the other day, and when I turned the key the radio came on blasting at an ear-splittingly high volume. It took me a few seconds (it seemed like hours) to get to the button and turn it down. It was so loud I could hardly think.

It occurred to me later that those few brief seconds are a lot like every minute of our lives, especially these days. There is so much noise that it’s difficult to think. So many people and so much yelling and so much uncertainty – it’s all so loud. We are bombarded by people and entities wanting to be heard. Sometimes it feels like all that noise is just going to carry you away.

Remember that you don’t have to allow yourself to get carried away. You get to choose how you handle the noise. You get to decide what you do, how you impact the world, how you impact those around you. Nobody else has the right or the ability to decide that for you.

Think about your role as a leader. What do you really want for your business? What do you really want for the people who work for you? What is it you’re really passionate about, and how do you want that to translate into action?

As you lead your organization – or as you simply live your life – make sure you’re having the impact you want to have. Make sure you’re chasing the goals and dreams that are yours. Make sure that the noise you’re listening to is coming from the right place. Don’t let somebody else’s ideas or interests or preferences dictate your choices. Don’t let somebody else’s anger or frustration drive your energy levels down.

Be the leader you want to be of the organization you want to lead. You get to decide what that looks like. Don’t let somebody else’s noise decide for you. Be your own noise.

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