We aspire to be the single biggest factor in our clients’ ability to make change.

Growth & Profit Solutions exists to help business owners determine what they want their business to look like and then how to get there. Whether your focus is growth, profit, or some other outcome crucial to your business, we help you develop the plans to create change – and then stick around to provide accountability and support. It’s about helping your business become what you want it to be.

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  • You have truly helped us learn that there is no challenge that cannot be changed as long as we are willing to “roll up our sleeves” and confront our problems.

    I highly recommend GPS to any business owner who wants to reach higher.

    President & CEO, Iowa Manufacturing Company

Growth & Profit Solutions is all about change. We help our clients achieve the outcomes they want for their business, whether it’s growth, profit, improved leadership performance, succession, or anything else that’s crucial to their future.

And we don’t do it by creating a list of cookie-cutter recommendations and then walking away. We facilitate the development of your ideas because these are ultimately the ideas most likely to succeed in your business. Then we stay involved, providing accountability and support to make sure that you get the results you want.

Growth & Profit Solutions is provided by Cain Ellsworth & Company, LLP, an accounting, tax and business advisory services firm. With a long tradition of providing service “Beyond the Numbers,” Cain Ellsworth’s client base has expanded to include businesses throughout the Midwest and in diverse industries, including banking, property and casualty insurance and manufacturing.

We Leverage Best Practices to Fast-Track Your Success

Embracing the experience and advice of other entrepreneurs is a smart way to quickly and effectively enact positive change. Therefore, Growth & Profit Solutions actively engages the opinions of thought-leaders in your specific industry through its affiliation with Mindshop and other organizations.

The Change Advantage

Take your business to the next level with Matt’s book “The Change Advantage“.


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  • Matthew Heemstra, CPA Managing Partner, Director of Growth & Profit Solutions, Accredited Mindshop Facilitator+

    A recovering auditor and director of Growth & Profit Solutions, Matt supports business leaders as they implement change in their organizations. Using his unique gifts and talents, Matt helps leaders assess where they are now, where they want to be in the future, and how they can get there. More importantly he provides coaching and accountability to ensure that real changes occur.

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