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Today’s guest post is written by Mike Boyle – Head Sales Scientist – Banjar Group

Lately I have been using a story to help my customers focus on where they are during these indifferent times. The Tour De France. Where do you win the Tour de France I ask? “At the finish line” is often the reply. Of course this is true but not accurate. The race is clearly won and run in the mountains. This is where great teams with specific roles collaborate together to make sure their number one rider is in a position to win. In fact the last day or so, is a ride
into Paris where no one can pass the front rider that’s how much they respect the work done in the mountains.

I have been reminding my clients that we have rode the flat roads of sales and business for many years but clearly we are now in the mountains. Success in sales, in the ‘Business Mountains’ come down to a couple of very important areas. They are:

Common Goal and Vision – Every one in sales and in fact the whole organization must clearly understand the business vision and the target, budget and or objectives for sales. They must understand it, know it and clearly reflect it in their planning.

Focus – Create an environment of focus. Focus on the things that matter not just doing more with less. What are the key sales activities and disciplines that make sales happen?

Role v Goal – Many groups I train or coach often confuse ROLE and GOAL when I ask about the common goal and vision. Make sure that all in the sales department, be it front line, support or marketing all understands the role they have and how it helps the team and therefore the achievement of the sales goal.

Lag v lead – We often only measure the LAG indicators in the mountains. The result, the revenue achieved or deals done. That is history, important for review but does not help us pedal forward. LEAD indicators are things that matter in winning business or creating sales. Proposals presented, prospects opened and number of explicit needs found per meeting. Design your own LEAD indicators and track them.

If you have watched the now famous Simon Sinek video on TED.COM (http://// you would know he questions the WHAT in selling and consumerism and develops the science around the WHY. Why people buy and how you should sell to them. Please watch this video and then spend a minute mapping your three selling rings.  WHAT do you do or sell. That should be easy as we all get it and we all love it. Unfortunately customers don’t really care about the WHAT and science proves they certainly don’t buy the what. Now map the HOW. This will be harder as you will have to think. In Apples case it is cool design, innovation and sexy. Now do the WHY for you. Why you do what you do. Clearly the WHY gets people to become religious to your brand. It gets shoppers to queue up at midnight to get the first IPAD and it turns them into raving fans.

Today I saw a large residential builder in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia that has clearly got the WHY. They have inserted into our leading newspaper, at great expense a color brochure that is all about the WHY. Big beautiful photos of families LOVING their new home.  Headlines with LOVE FAMILY, LOVE GOOD TIMES and LOVE SPACE. Little if any content on tiles, floors or timber. Developing your WHY message and then selling it effectively will be the key to standing on the winners podium after fighting it out in the mountains in 2012/13. WHY wouldn’t you?tour de france 1435254c


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