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I’ve been reminded recently how often are there changes we know ought to be made to our businesses, yet we just don’t do it.  How often do we say something like, “Well, we’re hopeful things will change”, when we really know it’s not going to change until we do something about it?  Maybe we know our sales process stinks, but it seems so overwhelming to us and we don’t know where to start, so we just convince ourselves that time and patience are all we need.  Or maybe we know we have an employee who just isn’t a fit, and their productivity is dragging the team down, but it would be really unpleasant to let them go, so we just convince ourselves that all they need is more coaching.  Or maybe we know we need to be doing some long range planning for our business, but we’re really busy, so we just convince ourselves that we’ll do it “someday”. 

 It’s true, patience is a virtue, and employees do need coaching, and we’re all busy, but there are times when deep down we know we need to make a change.  There is a saying I’m fond of (not sure who originated it, but it’s been attributed to University of Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley):  “That which must be done eventually, should be done immediately.”

 How many great things are we missing in our lives and our businesses by ignoring that statement!  We know what we need to do, we just don’t do it.  Think about how much better your life or business would be if you’d make the change – and make it!

 What change are you waiting to make?   

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