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“You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can be grateful that thorn bushes have roses.” – Tom Wilson

It’s a short work week for most of you (me too!) so I’ll keep this brief.  Quite often this time of year we remind ourselves of all the things we really appreciate about our lives – family, friends, etc.  And it’s appropriate that we do this.

This holiday season, do the same thing in regards to your business.  Think about everything that’s right with your business.  We spend some much time and energy thinking about what we need to fix that sometimes we lose sight of what it is that excites us about the people with work with and the companies we lead.

Remember that it’s not just gratefulness for gratefulness sake.  Consistently focusing on what’s positive helps create a belief system that will lead to positive action.  If you think you have a great business, you’re going to act like someone who has a great business.  If you think your business is a clunker, you’re going to act like someone whose business is a clunker.  Think about that difference.

Be grateful for everything you have – and enjoy the season!

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